Project Description

A darkly comedic chamber musical by Canadian writers Johnson and Johnston, Blood Ties is based on a true story of a bachelorette weekend gone horribly wrong.

Sheila’s uncle shoots himself in his bathroom on the eve of her wedding, and when her three best friends arrive in town for her bachelorette party they are instead charged with the task of helping her clean up the considerable mess left behind. But in the process of mopping up blood and brains, disturbing details are uncovered, and it becomes clear that Sheila isn’t telling the whole truth. Blood Ties begins as a dark comedy and ends up a murder mystery, unfolding in an intense hour of sharp humour, suspense, and beautifully crafted songs.

Arranged for piano, guitar, and upright bass, the score is influenced by Johnson and Johnston’s roots in Canadian folk music and classic American music theatre. The show is intimate and acoustic, taking place in real time, in a single room, with an ensemble cast of five.

The hit of Toronto’s Summerworks Festival 2012 -where it was ranked ‘the funniest show of the festival’ (The Torontist) – Blood Ties is morbidly hilarious, poignant, and tragic, and explores how far we’ll go to protect the values our society reveres.